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david waldron hero wod | crossfit valdosta


the david waldron HERO wod at valdosta crossfit was a wonderful way to celebrate david's 32nd birthday + raise awareness for brain cancer. on this day, crossfit valdosta (+ several other boxes across the US) put together a hero wod in david's honor. in all honesty, my favorite part was watching david's best friends hang his birthday banner giggling + reminiscing over david's old photos. we know david was proud. david's legacy has lived on through the be dave brave foundation. i can't wait to watch them grow + help others battling brain cancer. #bedavebrave (unfortunately, i was only able to take a few photos before kersey had to go down for a nap. i wish i could have stayed until the end!)

"you make me brave. you call me out beyond the shore into the waves. you make me brave. no fear can hinder now the promises you made. you make me brave"

david waldron wod_0001.jpg david waldron wod_0008.jpg david waldron wod_0012.jpg

david waldron wod_0011.jpg

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