lindsay stewart photography


kersey ann | st. simons pier


oh kersey ann. it was chilly but it didnt stop us from having fun. kersey loved greeting the visitors, pointing out all of the "ca ca's" (birds) + wowing over the beautiful, glimmering "wa-woo" (water). we must have chased each other up + down the pier twenty times. i have never loved being so cold + out of breath more than this evening. she is amazing. my lovely, kersey ann.kersey ann + the pier_0039.jpg kersey ann + the pier_0036.jpg kersey ann + the pier_0041.jpg kersey ann + the pier_0037.jpg kersey ann + the pier_0035.jpg kersey ann + the pier_0033.jpg kersey ann + the pier_0034.jpgkersey ann + the pier_0042.jpg