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kersey's first birthday | farmer's market


i can't believe how perfect kersey's first birthday turned out. i am more amazed at how many wonderful people came out to celebrate our precious girl's birthday. friends + family traveled from all over to join us! all those kids... they were hysterical to watch playing in the bubbles + filling up their little baskets with goodies. it's funny how you spend alllll this time preparing for a party that is over (snap) just like that! I don't know what i would do without the help of our parents on this special day. you all did an amazing job!!! there was so much love put into this party, you don't even know...

your birthday is the happiest day of my life

how is kersey ONE?! time has flown by! i can look back a year ago + remember the butterflies in my stomach just wondering what she would look like? will we be great parents?! are we even prepared?! haha. our world was forever changed. being a mom has been the greatest adventure. kersey is the most wonderful gift from God. we are lucky to be your parents. happy birthday, punkin. mommy + daddy love you sooooooooo much!IMG_8818.jpg IMG_8775.jpg IMG_8768.jpg IMG_8786.jpg IMG_8806.jpg IMG_8889.jpg IMG_8811.jpg IMG_8782.jpg IMG_8770.jpg IMG_9036.jpg IMG_9107.jpg IMG_8996.jpg IMG_9007.jpg IMG_9010.jpg IMG_8842.jpg IMG_8793.jpg IMG_8813.jpg IMG_8817.jpg IMG_8833.jpg IMG_8855.jpg IMG_8877.jpg IMG_8985.jpg IMG_8847.jpg IMG_8850.jpg IMG_8854.jpg IMG_9053.jpg IMG_8896.jpg

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