lindsay stewart photography


spring mini session | the vine garden market


spring is in the air! this was such a fun day - my heart explodes looking at all of the adorable children that participated!. so much laughter + preciousness. + check out these gorgeous crowns + boutonnieres made by the fabulous Vine girls. thank you to everyone that made this session so wonderful! xoxo springminis_0001-1.jpg springminis_0002-1.jpg springminis_0003-1.jpg springminis_0004-1.jpg springminis_0008.jpg springminis_0006-1.jpg springminis_0010.jpg springminis_0009.jpg springminis_0013.jpg springminis_0014.jpg springminis_0015.jpg springminis_0011.jpg springminis_0012.jpg springminis_0017.jpg springminis_0019.jpg springminis_0020.jpg springminis_0021.jpg springminis_0023.jpg springminis_0024.jpg springminis_0027.jpg springminis_0025.jpg springminis_0029.jpg springminis_0030.jpg springminis_0022.jpg springminis_0033.jpg springminis_0040.jpg springminis_0039.jpg springminis_0036.jpg springminis_0035.jpg springminis_0031.jpg springminis_0032.jpg springminis_0034.jpg